• Vsan Technology is providing complete solutions and supplying various scientific and industrial equipment in India and Bangladesh. We are associated with various foreign partners to market and promote their product in our appointed territory. With our relevant background and experience for many years in heavy and small Industries, we are able to provide our best services in various segments including Steel, Scrap, Foundries, Engineering, Automobile, Valve Industries, Battery Industries, Power Plant, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Cement, Mining as well as in Educational Institutes and Government Research Laboratories. We are strongly committed to supply quality equipment & accessories and also to provide quality support to ensue customer satisfactions.

    Vsan Technology incorporated in 2014 under ROC of India and our registered and head office is located at Kolkata (Formerly Calcutta) in eastern part of India and branch office at New Delhi to cover all business activities on behalf of our partners.

  • Choose the Right Analyzer

  • Get best quality instrument from market leader

  • Fast Elemental Analysis

  • Ultimate Speed and Accuracy

  • Stability and Reliability

  • Maximize Productivity from your instrument

  • Local support directly from manufacturer


We supply the following products in India and Bangladesh:

~ Distributor for Scientific & Industrial Equipment ~